Stock Condition Survey

The independent Stock Condition Survey that was undertaken by Hunters was published on 28th February 2018.

Hunters Stock Condition Survey - February 2018
One Housing Group - Final SCS Report fro[...]
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In response to our request for more information, One Housing Group have provided us with the results of their intrusive surveys on the blocks on the Island that are more than eight storeys high. These cover Alice Shepherd House, Bowsprit Point, Kedge House, Kelson House, Knighthead Point, Midship Point and Topmast Point. They have also provided the survey on the Samuda underground garages. To see these surveys click on the links above for the:

  • Instrusive Structural Surveys
  • Lift Surveys
  • Mechanical & Electrical Surveys
  • Bin Chute Surveys
  • Samuda Underground Garages


Between 6th March 2018 and 15th March 2018, One Housing Group held four exhibitions. The exhibitions were made up of two parts; the first was the findings by Hunters of the cost of major works on each estate over the next 30 years; and from One Housing Group, their estimate of their income they will be receiving over the next 30 years.


The exhibition boards from Hunters and One Housing Group are set out below:

Hunters Exhibition Boards on the Stock Condition Survey - March 2018
Hunters - Exhibition Boards - March 2018[...]
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One Housing Group Exhibition Boards - Stock Viability - March 2018
One Housing Group - Exhibition Boards - [...]
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The 4 Estates Forum kept a record of all the questions that tenants and leaseholders raised on the Stock Condition Survey for Hunters and/or One Housing Group to respond to. There were 85 questions posed and so far 73 responses have been received so far are set out below:

Responses to 4EF Questions from OHG - As at 23.05.2019
4EF - Response to OHG Stock Condition Su[...]
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