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The 4 Estates Forum is an umbrella group for all residents (whether tenants, leaseholders or freeholders) on the Barkantine, Kingsbridge, St Johns and Samuda Estates on the Isle of Dogs. It was set up in response to the Project Stone proposal by our landlord One Housing Group and their development partner Argent; which could have meant the demolition of our homes (currently just over 2,000 homes) and replacing them with over 9,000 new homes. In November 2017 the new Chief Executive of One Housing group, Richard Hill, announced that Project Stone is not going to be pursued.
As an alternative to Project Stone, One Housing Group have proposed a series of conversations with residents in three areas for residents to decide the future of their blocks which could range from doing nothing, to refurbishing the blocks or demoliishing the blocks and replacing them with new homes.
These areas are:
  • Barkantine Estate - Kedge House, Starboard Way and Winch House
  • Kingsbridge Estate - Michigan House, Montcalm House and Montrose House
  • St Johns Estate - Alice Shepherd House and Oak House
If you live in these blocks, click on therelevant tab above to look at what is happening in your area.
Whilst these conversations are ongoing, the Forum will promote discussions, debates and negotiations with any, and all, public sector, voluntary sector or private sector entities which are already playing a part (or could, or would wish to, play a part) in the future of the Barkantine, Kingsbridge, St Johns and Samuda Estates.
The Forum will not make decisions about the individual estate or blocks as that is a matter for the residents concerned. The Forum will instead encourage all residents to input into the future of their homes.

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4 Estates Forum

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Chair - Candida Ronald


Vice Chairs - Maggie Phillips & Ahmed Hussain


Secretary - Arthur Coppin

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